Rental Prices

With budget-friendly prices and a variety of options to choose from, your event at Hudson Gardens can be customized to suit your needs.


The pricing structure below applies to the following venues: The Inn at Hudson Gardens, Garden Canopy, and Welcome Garden Pavilion. The Rose Garden and Monet's Place ceremony sites are included in the rental price.


How it works:

1. Pick your day of the week.

2. Choose a time block of 7 hours (minimum) within the time frame listed below. If you want an event that is longer than the 7 hour minimum, add the extra hour price to the final cost.

3. Contact us to tell us more about your event, set up an appointment for a tour or to learn about date and time availability.


Welcome Garden Pavilion mid-April through mid-October

Garden Canopy mid-May through mid-October

Inn year-round. 

Daytime: Between 8 am - 4 pm          7 Hour Minimum               Extra Hour
Monday - Thursday $1,050 $150
Friday $1,400 $200
Saturday $3,150 $450
Sunday $2,450 $350
Evening: Between 5 pm - 2 am 7 Hour Minimum Extra Hour
Monday - Wednesday $1,050 $150
Thursday $1,400 $200
Friday $3,500 $500
Saturday $4,550 $650
Sunday $2,450 $350


Custom Corporate Events

Corporate events are built to suit your business needs. Please contact us for a quote.